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Dr. Elbe 'Arnold' Akman, MBA, APM
Founder / Business Developer

Dr. Elbe Akman an international entrepreneur, with MBA and Doctor in Management background, who was seasoned in America's Fortune 100 companies such as Time Warner and Ford. He is a Stanford University Certified Advance Project Manager. He saw the need of international NCLEX applicants for professional assistance applying to NCLEX Exam.

He decided to centralize the de-centralized NCLEX application process for international nurses and opened the first NCLEX Application Center in the the Philippines, due to the highest number of international nurses coming to the U.S. from the Philippines (about 80%). The Center currently serves globally online.

He conducted a research in Manila, Cebu and Davao to find out the needs and problems of NCLEX Applicants. Based on his findings he developed the Nurse Exam Application Center services further to provide NCLEX applicants a hassle and risk free application process. He also found out  that thousands of applicants were committing mistakes that caused them to lose money and delayed their application.

Dr. Akman estimates that financial losses costs up to 1 million dollars to the NCLEX applicants and Philippine economy every year.  As a result of NEAC Exam Application Center services now NCLEX applicants enjoy hassle free processing and save time to focus their time to review for NCLEX review.

Irish Carias
Processing Manager

Irish Carias joined NEAC in early 2007 to develop the database and a network to manage the information needed to assist international nurses to apply for eligibility for NCLEX licensure exam to any of the 50 states. Currently she maintains close relationships with major State Boards of Nursing and evaluators in the states which helps NEAC to process applications smoothly and solve any issues promptly with the Boards.

Irish Carias manages and traines Processing Officers(PO) to provide a mistake free application process to international applicants. She added newservices to NEAC such as: CES/CVS, Visa Screenand CGFNS CP application assistance. She also has added nursing exam application assistance for countries other than United States in 2011

Authorized British Council
IELTS Registration Agent

Authorized IDP IELTS
Registration Agent



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