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Saudi Commission For Health Specialties - DATAFLOW New Requirement Before KSA Arrival

Applicants are now obliged to verify their documents prior to traveling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as confirmed by SCHS.

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Dubai Health Authority - DATAFLOW New Fee

DHA Dataflow fee increased from 724AED to 966 AED effective August 23, 2015

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Health Authority Abu Dhabi - DATAFLOW New Fee

HAAD Dataflow fee increased the fee from 620 AED to 980 AED effective March 15, 2015

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Vermont State Board of Nursing - USRN Renewal New Requirement

Effective March 2015 all Registered Nurse license holder must provide a U.S. Social Security Number to renew the license. Applicant cannot renew the RN license without US SSN.

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Dubai Health Authority - Work Experience / Gap of Practice New Requirement

DHA has changed the gap of practice requirements for healthcare professionals work experience from 6 months to 2 years.  If the applicant has a gap of practice for more than 2 years, the applicant is required to have a 6 months training and Continuing Medical Education (CME)

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Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators

Registered Nurse Entry-to-Practice Exam – NCLEX

Applicants for registration as a registered nurse (RN) in 10 of the country’s RN regulators (not including OIIQ or YRNA) will be required to successfully complete the computer-adaptive NCLEX-RN exam, administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).

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Health Authority Abu Dhabi - New Process

HAAD requires DATAFLOW PSV report before the applicant can take the exam. The applicant must receive an approval before can take the HAAD examination through Pearsonvue Effective October 2013

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Maryland Board of Nursing

BON (January 27, 2012) requires SSN effective January 27, 2012

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Arkansas Board of Nursing

BON(June 2011): is requiring SSN for license renewal

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(January 2011) changed CES HP and FULL course by course evaluation to PROFESSIONAL REPORT.

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