If you are planning to secure a job in the U.S. as a medical professional in your field you may need to be licensed first. Medical School graduates such as Physicians, Nurses, and Physical Therapists etc cannot practice their profession unless they pass the pertinent centralized licensing exam. Foreign medical professionals who are planning to work in the U.S must also be licensed. You can increase your chances highly to find a job in the U.S in your field if you are U.S licensed.

You can get licensed while you are still in your country as the U.S licensing exams are offered worldwide in various locations. In fact every year tens of thousands of foreign medical professionals take these exams to get licensed and gain advantage over those job seekers who are not licensed. There is no question that U.S hospitals prefer to hire and petition a US licensed foreign nurse verses a not licensed one as this minimizes their risks and shows that the candidate already has the knowledge and skill levels to pass the required exam.

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NEAC Exam Application Center Ltd. Inc. is BPOs and Recruitment Agencies Preferred Licensing Center. Serving the community since 2007. More than 35000 medical professionals trusted us and got licensed you can trust us too.

We can assist you with preparing your eligibility application to any State Board of Nursing. There are several things you need to consider when selecting a state. We highly suggest that you choose the state you ultimately are planning to go. Do not choose a state because it is easy to apply or low cost of applying. You may encounter difficulties or end up paying more by the time you endorse your license to the state you ultimately want to work at.

Actually choosing the right state for you as an international applicant is another important phase that can either save you time or money or it can result with financial losses and delays in some cases rejections which may require you to start from scratch.

For any international medical professional (Nurse, PT, Physician etc.) who would like to work in the United States one of the most critical phase to complete is their credentials verification. As a result of this evaluation you will find out if your medical degree is equivalent to the ones in United States. Your medical school transcripts and related documents will be evaluated by an authorized third party evaluator (we have been working with the most reputable organization CGFNS®).

The Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) prepares a detailed report analyzing your education, registration, and licensing to determine how they compare to US standards. CGFNS® International’s report helps universities, regulatory agencies, immigration attorneys, and prospective employers choose candidates for educational or career opportunities in the United States. The Credential Verification Service (CVS) for New York State is required for all foreign-educated registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN), physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, and occupational therapy assistants who are applying for a license to practice in the State of New York. If you are not applying to NY State you don’t need CVS. The Certification Program (CGFNS-CP®) is the program most widely used, and is required by most state boards of nursing before you will be allowed to take the state licensing exam. If the state you have chosen to apply requires Credential Evaluation Services (CES) or CGNFS-CP® then we can assist you in preparing your application.

We can assist you with preparing your eligibility application to any State Board of Nursing. We will be handling your application, send you a processing guidelines, preparing your money draft and other requirements will be given and discuss to you by one of our NCLEX specialist.

To be able to register with NCLEX® Exam need to be found eligible first by one of the United States State Board of Nursing.

applyatt applyexam

lease be aware that you need to register with the exam before your eligibility expires. (We can not assist you if your eligibility expiration date is within 3 days. In that case you should contact directly to PPT for assistance).

If you have been found ELIGIBLE to take the exam and you are REGISTERED and received your ATT then you are ready to schedule your exam. If you havent complete one of these steps please click on the step that you haven’t completed yet. To proceed with your scheduling please click below.

Before you take your exam make sure that you have a valid Passport. Expiration date of your passport should be more than 6 months or more. You can choose your exam date and location.


• United States
• U.S Virgin Islands
• American Samoa – Pago Pago
• Guam
• Northern Mariana Island – Saipan
• Philippines – Manila
• Australia – Sydney
• Puerto Rico – San Juan
• Japan – Osaka, Tokyo
• Canada – Burnaby, Toronto, Montreal
• England – London
• Germany – Frankfurt
• Hongkong
• India – Hyderabad, New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai
• Mexico – Mexico City
• Taiwan – Taipei


Once we schedule your exam with PSO you will receive a conformation to your email that looks like the following:

National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX®)26 Jul 2010CONFIRMATION OF NCLEX® EXAMINATION – APPOINTMENTYOUR NAMEAddressCandidate Identification Number: 2177624Type of Test: NCLEX-RN NCLEX® EXAMINATION CONFIDENTIALITYCandidates should be aware and understand that the disclosure of any examination materials including the nature or content of examination items, before, during, or after the examination is a violation of law. Candidates must follow the NCLEX® Examination Candidate Rules which are listed in the NCLEX® Candidate Bulletin. Violations of confidentiality and/or candidate rules can result in criminal prosecution or civil liability and/or disciplinary actions by the licensing agency including the denial of licensure.Your NCLEX® Examination has been scheduled as indicated below.Date: Tuesday, August 03, 2010Time: 9:00:00 AM


ELIGIBILITY application, please email

You came so far, complete your career investment by getting licensed internationally now which is unquestionably the right step to earn higher salary locally and internationally! We are looking forward to assist you in achieving your professional career goals.

Start your NCLEX application now to make your American dream come true!

a  If you are already a Paid NEAC Applicant you can skip this step & contact to your assigned officer to assist you.

NEAC is not an exam coordinator or licensing authority. NEAC facilitates the application process for the licensing exams to expedite the application process by providing assistance in communicating with the related departments, filling out related application forms and documents, sending related documents to pertinent departments and assisting with related fee transfers to the coordinators, evaluators and authorities.