NEAC Medical Exams Application Center Inc. as the pioneer in its field provides specialized services to professionals with regard to licensure procedures in countries other than their own from anywhere in the world. NEAC offers secondary and tertiary services to ensure that professionals are provided application preparation services for every aspect of obtaining, managing and keeping a license in the desired country. NEAC also serves in creating centralization to the diverse and various applications for foreign professionals to apply; in this way NEAC bridges the gap between the foreign professionals and the government offices and evaluation organizations. Learn more…

NEAC CUSTOMER SERVICE COMMITMENT: We strive to provide the best service in the market by processing your application the fastest, safest and most convenient way for you. We are dedicated to deliver results not excuses therefore we guarantee that if we fail to get approval of your exam application we will return all your money including the fees* This is our commitment to provide you excellent customer service.


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We have assisted more than 25,000 medical professionals since 2007 for processing international license. We provide free initial consultation on NCLEX® exam in USA and Canada, HAAD Exam, DHA Exam, Saudi Prometric Exam, Oman Prometric Exam, Qatar Prometric Exam, English Exams, Dataflow Application and more. Visit us today and learn how you can apply easy, hassle-free and safe way with NEAC.

ATTENTION! Healthcare professionals are in demand in UAE, SAUDI, QATAR, and OMAN!



benefits check_mark_green_neac Consultancy on getting licensed and choosing the right country and state
check_mark_green_neac Find out what states you qualify to get licensed
check_mark_green_neac Avoid mistakes, delays and financial losses due mistakes
check_mark_green_neac Fast, safe and hassle-free processing with complete piece of mind
check_mark_green_neac Let Experts prepare your application
check_mark_green_neac Experts follow-up on your behalf in case a problem arises
check_mark_green_neac Dedicated login to your online account to track your progress
check_mark_green_neac No ordering and waiting for FBI fingerprint card
check_mark_green_neac Focus on review not application preparation
check_mark_green_neac Up to date information for exam requirementa
check_mark_green_neac Risk-Free international exam fee transfers
check_mark_green_neac No Credit Card or Bank account needed to make payments

Common Questions on Medical Licensing Exams

Why Should I Apply NCLEX® Now ?

If you are a foreign educated nurse and planning to work in the USA then it is highly advice to to become an USRN while you are seeking an US employer. The only way you can increase your chances to get hired and stick out …

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How to convert NCLEX exam result to ACTIVE USRN LICENSE?

If you are a foreign graduate NCLEX-RN PASSER or USRN License holder would like to endorse your license or NCLEX Test result to another state, we can certainly assist you to ENDORSE your NCLEX result or license to another state that ISSUES A LICENSE without SSN. (For California applicants, we can endorse your NCLEX result even if your file is already expired). The license will be also RENEWABLE without a SSN.

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FREE PROCESSING for NCLEX and Middle-East exam application for CUM LAUDE and PRC TOP NOTCHERS!

Inquire about our FREE NCLEX® Pre-eligibility Processing and 50% OFF for Middle East Exams for PRC Top Notchers and CUM LAUDE all medical professionals.

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Can Nursing FRESH GRADUATES apply NCLEX without local license and work experience?

Are you FRESH GRADUATE and don’t know what exam to take because no clinical work experience and local license? Do you know that you can be a United States Registered Nurse WITHOUT a local license and work experience? Apply and take this exam now and get a chance to be hired by US employer!

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How to be exempted for HAAD exam if you hold an ACTIVE USRN License?

Please be informed that you are exempted for HAAD/DHA examination if you hold an ACTIVE USRN License. Your license must be active and not expired or lapsed. Your next step is Dataflow Application. You must be APPROVED by Health Authority Abu Dhabi and Dubai Health Authority for exam exemption before they can issue a license.

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Over 1000's Applicant Testimonials.
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Over 100's Applicant Testimonials.

Read More Applicant Testimonial